Hubby is a loose cannon when it comes to the internet.

He doesn’t understand the risks of viruses. He downloads crap and well let just say his laptop have just gone to the Apple people and $150 later it’s resetted. I can do it myself but figured no I won’t offer. He needs to learn his lesson.

This morning he was at it again . He needed Words to do his assignment no doubt. Thus he went into an obscure website to try and download it. I was like you know they ask for a donation and once you key in your credit card that’s it?

So have found him our hard copy that I bought awhile back. Not sure if we’ve used all the copies on it. Told him if it doesn’t work go into Microsoft and buy a copy.

He was like but Microsoft is not Mac? Why would they have a Mac copy?

Had to explain it to him that Windows is a Microsoft software and yes they do a version for Mac as well.

One good thing about this course he’s watching less movies 😂

Just had my vegie slice for breakfast . It tasted yum. Not soggy at all. Guess my recipe kind of worked. May be it just needed drying out a bit. 

Now to prep for dinner .I’d better prep now or else knowing me I’d be too tired after volunteering and then there’d be no dinner.