Hubby calculated my risk for diabetes the other day. I scored an 8 . He was much worse at a 12.

My risk profile is low. It could be lower if I exercised more. As I answered no to their exercise question.

Hubby was high as he answered the same as me but he’s a male and he has a family history with his siblings diabetic.

I don’t have to be at the station til 12pm today for my volunteering shift. I haven’t looked up my route as yet. It’s a clinic somewhere near my old school on the same tram route. Just need to pop it into my google map and then take a photo and note down the tram stop. That way I can refer quickly from my phone. 

Not sure if I should go early and use that time to shop for my friend’s birthday pressie. I think the shop I want to go to is at the mall.

I might also sneak into the business to do a few hours of work. I managed to do quite a bit last night.

Hubby told me we are only making about $5 for each vaccination . I told him it’s not really worth it as it takes away a pharmacist . With what we are paying one we need 9 vaccinations per hour to break even. 

But then with cuts and everything we need every extra revenue we can get.

Tonight’s dinner. Simple dish to have with rice. I’m going to cut the pork and turnip into strips. Will sautée the garlic in some oil add in the pork, fish sauce, sweet soya for colouring and then the turnip until it’s got a crunch. Don’t need too much fish sauce as the turnip is salty. Need to wash the turnip first to get rid of the excess salt. 

The turnip do come pre-shredded but they are a bit soggy. I like to cut them myself. 

Usually when I’m lazy I just do it with pork mince. Works either way. It’s nicer this way though.

Will buy some cucumber on the way home.

The kids ate dinner last night though not as enthusiastic . They like their meat. Vegetarian just doesn’t do it for them. I might have to give my noodles away to our staff this morning so they can have them for lunch.