I’m all knotty . Not my muscles or uterus or what not but my brains .

The long drive down to the hidey hole helped unravelled some of my knots. 

To be successful at staying at home I need to come up with a strategy. If not I’ll end up in the pits again. The last few weeks I’ve been dangling dangerously on the edge . 

1/ I need to have a project , don’t care what can either be studying or working towards something . It has to have an end point.

2/ I need to spend time on it every day . Don’t care for how long just as long as it’s allocated to that task. 

3/ I need to have a proper time table or routine to make sure it’s going to work.

4/ I need to get my sleep in order . Lately it’s all over the place . And in turn it stuffs up my body clock. I’m more productive when my body clock works. 

5/ I need to not slack off on house work . Like washing dishes every night . Towels every Monday etc. that way I have time for other stuff.

6/ I need to incorporate exercise into my days as well. So time for a walk rain hail or shine.

7/ I need a cooking plan. So I can quickly cook and leave time for other stuff

8/ I need a day a week to come down to the beach, a day for volunteering and a day for the business.

I think that’s it. Now how to put it into my days?