It’s 651am and I’m up. I slept through the whole night and nothing woke me up.

Woke up just before the alarm went off.

I’m going to have a shower and take a walk to the cafe. The little one around the corner for a coffee.

Then I might drive to Bakers Delight in the other direction for some pastries.

The electrician is coming at 8am to connect the spa. That way it’s ready to go for the school holidays.

I brought down my CPD last night and will do it whilst I wait for him. 

There’s plenty to do at the house.

Then it’s beach time 😊 my poor nude beach buddy is down with the flu. He caught it off his partner. So I’m a free woman.

No nude beach today. Just the local beach .

I might drive to another beach after to check it out . It’s called Clifton Springs.

I’m where the blue dot is. Clifton Springs is to the other side. About 15-20 minutes drive. 

I can actually drive to Queenscliff, which is at the tip (closest point to reach the other side) and catch a ferry to the other side and drive home that way too. 

It might be an idea today. Will see how I go as there’s a little village over there that I can explore. 

Once I reach the other side it’s pretty much against the traffic all the way. Dreading the drive home today. 
From the look of it the ferry departs on the hour. No booking required just have to front up about 20 minutes beforehand.

 The crossing takes 40 minutes. 

The thing is it’s very expensive . I didn’t realise how expensive it is 😩 it’s $64 a pop. It’s more for foot travellers at $22 return to go visit Sorrento.