Bums up.

Photo from the internet.

 I’d hate to be hubby right now. He’s struggling bad with the course. Being a computer illiterate as he is makes it much harder and him even more behind.

He told me the first two weeks he only had one module to do. Which he accomplished with no problems.

Then the next fortnight they’ve dumped him with three modules plus a 2000 words essays due in on the 14th of next month with lots of reading and research.

I kind of feel sorry for him so gave him tips on how to do it. 

You need to print the information out. That way you can go through and highlight all the important bits and when you need it you can refer back to it . Rather than trying to find it on the website.

I wonder if he’s been able to print them out ? because he went in to borrow my mouse last night.😂

Didn’t hear him come in so he must have been very late to bed .

I feel sorry for him but he cracks me up. One good thing he hasn’t touched his kungfu or Korean series. 😂