Once in awhile I need to remind myself what day it is. It’s Thursday and hubby is working as his usual pharmacist is on holidays. Which means I’ve got today to myself.

If you love avocado like I do this is it . The ultimate dessert or breakfast .It’s smashed up avocado mixed with condensed milk. 

Now my Indonesian friend have a better version she reckons. It’s infused with coffee as well. I have yet to try that version.

I woke up with ringing in my ears. It’s not a good sign.

Came out to a dining table full of my oldest’ crap. I’m not impressed. Then my sink full of dishes. I was too tired to wash last night.

I’m going to give the business a miss this morning. I just can’t be bothered.

Need to work out how I’m going to organise us tonight. It has to be quick as the youngest have got chorals again at 645pm at the school. 

Her piano lesson doesn’t finish til 6pm which doesn’t leave her much time to get from one place to the other and have dinner in between.

Her dad will be at work so I’m it. I’m the run around person tonight. 

The school holds these chorals and music nights to raise funds. As parents you’re to rock up watch your darlings perform and well contribute to the school’s coffers.

I have nothing against that it’s just after 1 performance it’s not too bad . After 10 or so my butt want to start a revolution. The hard seats are a killer and the night goes on from 730pm til like 10pm. Not only that the kids are due at school early to practise so it’s driving them there and sticking  around for the performance or drive back home and then back again.

I hope she knows we love her we just can’t deal with so many concerts and performances in a year. 

Whilst decluttering yesterday I found this book. It’s a birthday pressie from one of my friends. 

It gives you ideas on how to be happy . I’m still at the very top of the list. I’m still decluttering 😂

As for my afternoon sun block out , it’s coming along nicely. I’ve stapled it to the timber . Just gotten around to sticking the flaps together with PVA glue . Once it’s set will get hubby to saw off the ends and attach the hooks so I can hang it. 

I love that he’s a handyman. The thing is I have to wait like forever to get anything done.