When we were first married hubby’s bestie brought over a kitten. He and his partner pleaded us to keep it or else they would have to get rid of it.

I’ve never been a fan of pets as they are a lot of work. We couldn’t say no as he was just too cute. Plus I grew up with kittens at my grandma’s place and it reminded me of my childhood. 

We thought it was a he so we named him Tiger. It turned out to be a she 😩 

Then when the oldest was one hubby brought home two King Charles , a brother and a sister . They were only a few weeks old. He told me he wanted the kids to grow up with pets. 

Guess who got stuck with feeding them and putting the litter out? Who else but little Miss V. 

When they got to kinder oh my goodness . Our house had ducks and chickens and what ever as the kids had an animal zoo at the kinder . And of course every week they get to put their hands up as to if they wanted to keep them until when kinder opened again.

One year silly me put my hand up for mice. They were two little white ones complete with wheels and the whole works.

It’s my idea of okie if you want mice you can have mice. I was hoping by the end of Summer they’d be sick of it and that was that.

It was a good idea as it worked. They played with them for about a week? 

As for me it was six weeks of endless cleaning out their cage and of course they stunk like buggery. 

One time whilst cleaning I nearly lost one of them. Luckily we found him in the end. If not we’d never hear the end of it.

When our pets passed away we never got them replaced . It was too sad. Plus living in an apartment and with our love for traveling there’s no room and no time for them.

I’ve overheard the kids saying they’d grab a dog when they move out. For now they are contented with playing with their cousin’s dog.