Trying to dodge this morning so reminded him about his homework. It worked a treat .I asked him how he was going with the modules ? He replied I just realise I have another 2000 words essay due in on the 10th.

That makes two essays of 2000 words each 😂

From the sound of it he’s only been reading up and haven’t even started writing as yet.

Apparently he didn’t get much done last night as the internet was slow . 

What about using the kids’ USB keys? He told me he’s unsubscribed as they costed $80 a month, $40 each.

Offered him mine and he declined. No wonder the kids are frustrated . I don’t have a problem because I hardly use the wifi. I just use my key which is mobile thus I can work anywhere in the apartment and at the hidey hole. 

The poor thing is in head deep. His reaction to that was Oh yes head deep in you 😩