Guess I haven’t been a mum lately . No point playing the blame game when you don’t find the root of the problem.

It took us two hours tonight or near to it.

I turned her wardrobe inside out, upside down.

Her sister’s the culprit and also me. Her sister keeps on giving her hand me down. Me? I haven’t had time to go through her wardrobe all year. 

This was how much clothes we culled tonight, three boxes full of clothes no wonder they had nowhere to go except on the floor. 

Tomorrow I’m taking them to mums and dad’s for storage. Will also pop a message to my sister to come and collect them for her girls who are a bit younger.

Feeling much better now. Here is hoping I’ve settled the mess.

Tomorrow might take them shopping for new clothes . 

My boy needs some PJs and long sleeve tees and undies.

My girl needs PJs , jeans , long sleeve tees and trackies.