Tonight the kids are making dinner. I am stuffed. We left just after 1pm. Found a car park easily enough.

As soon as we got inside we found school  holiday mayhem. Kids running around , kids screaming. Where are their parents ? It was terrible.

We did the whole three hours and got out 10 minutes before the free period was up. It didn’t really matter as if you spend $400 you get free parking anyway . I’m sure I’ve spent more than that.

It’s their super weekend sales today thus got quite a few stuff cheap. It all adds up.

I usually buy for my son first so he can go shopping . He’s like all men he hates shopping for clothes . So once he’s done he’s out of there to go look for music and comics no doubt.

I spent more time with my girl as she’s a bit more fussy. 

Have since popped a load in the washing machine. The rest I need to sort out light and dark.

Have also settled the kids. They are cooking dinner. We are having spam ham spaghetti/pasta tonight .

My job is to blanch the broccoli . The two younger ones are doing the rest. My son is cooking the pasta . My youngest the sauce.
They didn’t ask for much today. They’d go look for clothes and one back and say it’s too expensive mum. They are good that way. They don’t ever ask me for expensive stuff . 

I tend to buy well made stuff if possible like jeans so they fit well. As for tees they don’t last too long so anything cheap will do . Same goes for PJs and trackies. 

I’m happy today. We’ve done well. Managed to buy most of what was on the list. 

My son need two more pairs of trackies that I can get later on. I know which ones he like now so just have to find a store with stock. He also need a few long sleeve tees either that or more tops.

He looks nice in tops. It makes him look more grown up. Plus he’s always cold so I’m leaning towards tops for him.

Dinner ..broccoli was off so cucumber to the rescue 😊