Yes we’ve got two little birdies in the house. All they eat is seeds and grains . Let see I can see chia and sunflower seeds and whatever else.

They only eat mixed grains bread where as my son and I eat plain white. Yes I know white is bad for you but what the heck life is too short right?

When my son was younger one time I bought whole meal as the bakery ran out of white. He was only 5-6 years old at the time he said to me mum sausages don’t taste the same in whole meal. They taste much nicer in white bread.

And I have to agree with him. It tastes much better in white.

I woke up early today. This stupid daylight saving thingy is causing havoc .

It’s only 621am. I’ve been up since 5am new time. 

I’m still on my old time mode. It’s going to be a long long week.

Today I might leave hubby alone to do his homework . I might take the kids shopping for their Winter wardrobe. As one is out with friends tomorrow and the other on Tuesday. I’m not spending two days at the shop so looks like today is it.

We usually have lunch as a family then I’d need to plan for dinner. I think hubby want rice tonight. 

I’m happy I’m making progress on my project. I need to keep my brains functioning. 

At the moment I haven’t offered hubby to work every Saturday but it looks like it’s going to be the norm. 

He’s already asked me to work 2 Saturdays out of the last three. 

For now I’ll leave it at that. Not sure I want to commit to every Saturday. 

Once the girls have packed the Webster packs I’ll go in and put through scripts. I want to be ahead to have a few days off.

They are a bit behind this week since they haven’t started packing for next week.

*Photo from internet

I’m hoping to go down to the hidey hole this Wednesday night til Sunday afternoon.

That way we make the most of the warm weather left. The kids are older now and they tend to take off with friends. 

We used to go down to the hidey hole for most of it but then the kids would get restless. 

So now it’s just whatever. That way everyone is happy.

Hubby will join us when he can as he hasn’t got much staff this school holidays. It will be just me and the two younger ones. The oldest still got uni and work so don’t think she will make it down.