I love challenges . There is always a way . The solution is there if we look hard enough.

The front of the building. I’d hate to change the facade as it’s period. When we renovated up top we matched the existing windows. 

Thus this is a problem to get access to the front upstairs apartment. There’s none.

So then the alternative is to use the existing back entrance. It will have to be for both upstairs apartments.

Remember that concrete mezzanine right spanking in the middle? 

It’s 1200mm off the floor of the timber mezzanine.

Which means I need an extra 5 steps to get to it.

Not sure if we’ve got the room. We might just make it by splitting the landing downstairs into two. Shorten it and using half of it to put in the extra steps.

The steps are 280mm wide by 5 makes it 140mm. I’ve got 2500mm which means I’ll be left with 1100mm as a landing. 

The door swings outward as it’s considered commercial so there’s no problem with shortening the hallway downstairs.

Very happy I’ve solved that problem.

I’d also move that upper landing to be 2/3 down so roughly halfway.

Then the very top landing will have two doors for entry to the front and back apartment. 

The only thing is it means the back apartment will be narrow with only 4.7m width to play with.
This is the whole apartment upstairs that I wish to split into half.

At the moment our indoor/outdoor courtyard is to the side. 

To split it into half I will have to relocate the sliding sunroof and change that into a void to also provide light to the two apartments downstairs. 

From memory the concrete mezzanine ends about 1 metre or so before the end of the courtyard. I remembered the builder having to build it up to match the height.

This will be where the void will go. It will go sideways and is probably around the half way point.