Yes I got lost 😩 I can’t believe it . It’s like one way from the entrance of Chaddie (David Jones) then Myer then straight down to the food court (below Uniqlo) and I still got lost.

I wanted to go back to Myer to buy sushi for my youngest . The sushi place’s opposite Myer. I went around in circles ended up at David Jones.

I had a lunch list to grab for the whole family.

Salmon Bento (Ajisen Ramen) (oldest)

5 stars pack (KFC) (son)

Salmon sashimi (Sushi Sushi ) (youngest) 

Chicken Pad Thai (Thailander) (hubby)

Thank goodness it was the lower floor. The upper floor is even worse it would have taken me half the day to make it out 😂

Had much of the parking lot to myself at 926am this morning.

Look at the beautiful roof.

It’s very bright Chaddie. The centre pretty empty at 930am. It opens at 930am.

Buzz and Woody.

I thought this was a cute pair of PJs only to be told by Miss 13 going on 14 that it’s too kiddy 😩 

Lunch, green curry and coconut rice that looked green yet did not taste coconutty at all. The curry tasted okie for food court standard.

The new players in the Australian market. Sephora, Uniqlo, H&M and Zara.

This end is aimed at the young ones as the cinemas, Hoyts is right there on the next level.

Look at the roof 😍