I need to go shopping again today. Came home to find one of my boy’s top they’d forgotten to remove the electronic tag. Only realised it this morning when I wanted to wash it.

Very annoying . I’ll be going to a different shopping centre today to source his track pants. I’m thinking Chaddie. Their Myer is bigger thus more stock. 


It’s the biggest shopping centre in Melbourne and well I dread going there. For one the traffic is bad. It’s only about 8km from us yet it takes about 15-20 minutes to get there. I’m hoping since it’s school holidays it won’t be too bad. 

For two if you go to Myer or David Jones it’s okie as they are close to one entrance. The rest is like going into a maze. They keep on doing refits to make it bigger and bigger.

Mind you I’ve been going there since I’ve been in my teens it’s just horrible now. I can’t find anything. It’s a good work out though as a whole day of walking around and back tracking will earn you 10,000 steps quite easily. I only go there with runners on now 😊

Will start going around 9am . I want to get there and out before all the mums get there with their crazy kids 😂 

The youngest is going out with her friends today . My son will sleep to midday. As for the oldest she worked til late last night. Being a uni student she’s still got uni. They don’t have breaks only the Easter break. They tend to have a month off mid year for their semester break.

Hubby will be working today thus I’m a free agent. 

Tomorrow and Wednesday we might do something as a family though I doubt it since he’s still got those two essays to write up. 

Anyhow it’s going to be sunny all week. I’ve managed to catch a cold with the change of weather . I was very tempted to turn the heater on this morning.

I’m off shopping in my Winter garb today with tissues for my runny nose. My throat is a bit tickly but not too bad. It’s more the runny nose that’s driving me nuts. 

Towels day can wait till tomorrow since my lines are chocker block. 

Other than that I’ve only got to worry about the groceries and dinner. Oh and that blasted CPD is still hanging over my head.

Need to book myself into the dentist and also the veins guy. Usually with specialists it’s one month before they can actually see you. I need to get it done this Winter so my veins are good for next Summer.