Yesterday I went around to measure the length of the apartment .

It came up to be about 28 metres long thus our apartment is about 160m2 not 150m2.

The problem is the concrete mezzanine in the middle . We can’t do anything to it. 

I’ve taken into account for the concrete mezzanine thinking it ends about a metre before the end of the courtyard.

Which leaves me with two apartments of 2 bedrooms and 2 of 1 bedroom . 

Financially it is unviable. It’s not worth converting then.
This morning I found old Reno photos of the apartment in FB.

The concrete mezzanine actually end way before the courtyard ends. About 2 metres before. 

So then it got me thinking. It’s probably best for us to retain our apartment . 

Instead of 4 bedrooms I’d make it into a three bedrooms. 

Sacrificing the bedroom next to the bathroom to make a void for the downstairs conversion .

Our bedroom would be a bit bigger. Thus a true master . 

To make that void we’d need to remove the sunroof. I’d replace it with a hatch to give us access to the roof. The roof is actually flat which we’ve been meaning to convert into a rooftop terrace.

Also with the void we can put in a hatch to give downstairs access to the rooftop as well.

This is the mob that did our sunroof.

Downstairs apartment will be another three bedrooms with a courtyard in the middle of it where the void is.

Not sure how financially viable is two by three bedrooms apartment but they will be nice ones. Plenty of light in and a roof top terrace to each.

Plus they will be liveable apartments and not just run of the mill boxes.

Only converting downstairs will save us money. So it makes sense. A more logical approach. 

I was hating the idea of converting it into 4 little boxes. This idea of a three bedroom with courtyard would be fun to do and is more realistic in terms of livable space.

If I draw it well I can give the apartment two car spaces inside which means we won’t have to sacrifice our deck for a stacker. 

And when we are old and grey we can move down there and the three kids can just stay in this apartment.

That way we won’t have any steps to worry about. 

I’m excited now 😍