I’ve made it down with the kids. Don’t feel too crash hot but glad we’re down here.

They’ve since made their beds as the beds are stripped bared when they are not here. I only leave the mattress protector on only.

Every time they come down they’d retrieve their sheets and doona from their wardrobe to make their beds.

Could hear the water running and thought what’s going on? It turned out the youngest was running a bath. She loves having baths and the only time she can have one is when she’s down here.

One good thing is that since the renovation the kids can pretty much have a bathroom each whilst they are down . The girls in one and the boy in the other one. Thus no fighting about toilets and what not. 

We have ours upstairs away from the commotions.

Tomorrow we are going to wake up early. They want to walk to grab breakfast. Then we’ll go to the beach.

We’ve got to clean out the spa too so that we can get it filled and heated. 

That’s probably it for tomorrow. I’ll see how I feel. If I feel better will sort out the house. It’s nice being down here for longer than a day. It means I can really get some serious sorting done.

Some days I miss having a house . I just miss the space . I can sort out my mess without tripping over stuff. 

Where as at the apartment I can’t seem to get comfortable. There’s nowhere to get comfortable.

So much for compact living.