I’m soldiering on. Popped in two Panadol Osteo after lunch just before we left.

Indonesian fish cakes . It was nice and different.

Bought cakes from the shop next door . Cheese cake, pear and cardamom, 2vanilla slice, frangipani slice and a chocolate slice.

We gave half of everything to the staff for their afternoon tea.

Came home and washed a load then took my girl to Westfield to exchange her top.

She ended up getting another hoodie. As for  me I got a card for hubby. 

Guess which one I bought ?

This one? 

Or this one? 😂 

After that we went to buy bathers for my girl. She said her sister’s was getting old and loose. She’s been wearing hand me downs. Anyhow found a black top and an orange bottom on the clearance rack . So she is all set for the beach .

Forecasted temperatures for the next three days 26C, 27C and 27C and all three days sunny.

By the time hubby comes down on Sunday it’s 14C and raining.

I’ll clean out the spa and fill it up to heat the water so then he can just jump in when he gets down there.