Our morning so far. We’ve walked to the shops to grab brunch.

Tomatoes in the front yard of someone’s house 😍

Groceries on the way back . Pizzas and scone for breakfast tomorrow . As brunch costed near $70 for the 3 of us today. 

Having pasta and chicken and vegie soup for dinner. The kids’ choice. 

Their snacks : bananas and chips . My newspaper . Milk for my youngest’s cups of tea.

As for lunch ? We might skip lunch as still really full from brunch. Either that or have instant noodles.

Will have an early dinner.

Have got the kids to help with cleaning the spa . Told them the earlier it’s filled the earlier they can jump in. From the look of things the beach is still too cold to jump in unless they wear their wet suits.

I’m filling up the spa at the moment then will go for a walk once it’s done.

It’s about 23C now . The sun is just lovely.
Our lemon tree giving us fruit this year. Covering the ground with bark must have helped. The lemons are bigger and more plentiful.