Are funny. Of all things to request for dinner. All they wanted was vegie soup to have with pasta.

I used to make it for them when they were little. Instead of normal pasta I’d buy alphabetical ones to pop in. It was something I could cook in advance and chuck in the freezer for quick toddler meals .

There were 5 pieces of thigh fillets in the pack thus have saved 2 for breakfast tomorrow. I’ve marinated them with some sweet soya, soy sauce, honey . Then realised I didn’t have any garlic so in went the XO sauce 😂 

Will see how it tastes tomorrow. The kids can have it with the left over pasta if they want or I can grill them tonight should they get hungry later on.

We still haven’t made it to the beach. 

They spent the rest of the day playing Singstar then to their room for a lie down.

I’m about to wake them up to have dinner and then may be the spa. The water is about 34C now need to wait til it’s 37C at least.