Hubby finally made it down. He phoned me before he left to say he was coming down with dinner. 

He asked me what I wanted as he was going to order goat steam boat and some fried rice for the kids.

Told him the restaurant’s fried rice is not the greatest . Then he was wondering about crispy stir fried noodles. I put him off the idea . The kids don’t like crispy or soft noodles.

Imagine my surprise when he came down with this?

Stir fried lobster noodles, goat steam boat and stir fried water spinach . The sauce is actually tofu cheese for the steam boat.

It was too much food and we ended up only having the lobster . The rest went into the fridge.

Apparently it was to celebrate our anniversary. He’s celebrating it early as tomorrow we are heading back home and well home equates busy and no time.

Like usual he was like bottoms up baby. Bottoms up now and bottoms up later as well.

Our 18 years old son was like oh wow. His way of saying his dad was being inappropriate. 

Last year was a very challenging year for us. Here’s hoping this coming year will be better. On good days our marriage is strong as a rock. On bad days it’s fragile like a leaf blowing in the wind. 

Here’s to more good days like today than bad days. May be we just need to give each other some space. May be that’s it. The solution to our marriage.