Hubby finally got to go into his spa. Have shooed the kids in with him as once they are done I’ll wash the towels before we head back.

Have given them the kabana to finish off and the sparkling wine and car guide for hubby.

It’s freezing cold today and wet wet wet. The skies are 50 shades of grey.

We left the kids at home this morning and walked to the shops to grab breakfast then hubby offered to go grab coffees and drinks . I was frozen. 

It’s him trying to show he cares. Can’t believe he asked me what coffee should he order for me. Ummm I only ever drink lattes. I’m a wee bit sensitive today. Guess it’s not his fault because I’ve been grabbing coffee for us lately. He came home with a large coffee for mešŸ˜©

Have to remember my husband is a country boy and a simple one at that. It’s not his fault he married me a complicated city girl.

I’m trying to pack up the house at the moment. Will ask the kids to pack up their beds. Their job is to dry the dishes and take the rubbish out. 

I’ve got to wash all the towels and hang them out before we leave.

Always lots to do. Hubby’s friend is due here for Easter so we are hosting down here. We will probably drive back down on Easter Saturday after dinner at his sister’s  and head home Easter Monday as the kids start their new school term on the Tuesday.

Didn’t manage to sort the house out much this week. I did get some done.

Found some money . I’m rich. 

Good luck charms for my son who’s very superstitious.

And baked a cake. Tasted quite okie considering I didn’t have the right pan and it was baked at 915pm. Didn’t have a grater so popped the orange peel in a little processor. 

It’s an orange and poppy seed cake. A tad too sweet . I’d need to alter the recipe. 

We’re off to Little Creatures for lunch before we head back home. I’m wondering should we just head home and have something on the way or when we are due back at home. Because we’ve just had breakfast.