Our daughter phoned us the other night around 11pm.

Apparently she’s stranded outside our place with no key to get in and no car to go anywhere .

Both sets of keys were locked inside and since we’ve got a business underneath, our place is like Fort Knox. No windows to open . Pretty much no way of getting in.
Where’s the spare key ? Oh it’s inside too. 

She’s phoned us to find out if my parents had the other spare key. Told her yes but it was too late to disturb them and even if she did they’d be snoring away and wouldn’t hear the phone ring anyway. 

So her only option was to ring around her friends and see if anyone would have her for the night. 

I admitted I nearly laughed out loud . She was saying something to her dad and he told her off. She must have given him attitude.

The thing is how many times has she inconvenienced us? Me in particular? I thought I was going crazy not being able to find my keys and I always leave my keys in the one place.

She had them all along for like weeks at a time. And not only once but many a times.

Or the time she drove to the hidey hole with her keys and her dad’s keys leaving  us with only one car for days as we couldn’t use her car. 

Anyhow she managed to crash at a friend’s house near us. About 5 minutes drive away. In the morning my dad came to pick her up, drove her home and opened the door to let her in.

Hopefully she’s learnt her lesson. Hopefully.