It looks Wintry out. He’s got to work today. I’ve got to go do groceries. No milk or bread left or fruit .

The windchime is going like mad. It’s grey , wet and miserable . Looks like a long long Winter.

Winter is not suppose to come til June 😩.

I’ll have to find something to occupy myself today. May be I’ll make some cards or work on my CPDs. 

The association have just done a mail out of their seminars . There’s one that I want to do either in Sydney or Brisbane. 
Not too sure about the one in Brisbane because it’s about an hour and a bit from my bestie’s place. So no chance of seeing her.

Will aim for one in the Gold Coast so I can spend time with her. 

So it migh be Sydney again. The three days will earn me the bulk of my points.

Then it’s a matter of piling up the rest with journals and webinars. 

After that I might tackle the windows and doors. Everything seems to look dustier when I’m at home .

It never bothered me much when I was working . You prioritise and do what you can do and the rest you just leave. Now it feels like I’ve got no excuse not to clean them. 

And that is exactly why I haven’t any time lately. It’s all these extra jobs that keeps on creeping up. The ones I never had to bother with whilst working.