I wasn’t too happy with my plans for the bathroom and laundry so this morning I started fresh. 

I’ve got 1800mm by 5000mm to play with . I also wanted a bath in the apartment somewhere as well.

So why not the main bathroom? Which means I won’t have room for the laundry.

Since there’s like 3600mm by 2600mm of storage next to it I might incorporate the laundry in there. 

So for now the bathroom is roughly 3600mm long leaving me with 1200mm for the door from the car space in. It will also have shelves lined the internal wall roughly 300mm wide for towels etc .

200mm left for the two walls. 

I’ve turned the vanity around so it backs onto the wall for the walk in. The wall will be 1200mm long thus I can pop two sinks on that bench. 

From the vanity to the toilet there’s about 600mm.

Walk in I’ve left at 1000mm and 900mm allowed for the bath. 

One good thing, found my little shape thingy that I bought when I did my interior design course. With the scale I’m drawing I can use them to draw doors and toilets and what not. It’s quicker and easier since I suck at drawing .