If you park for two hours it works out to be cheaper than street parking. The council here rips people off. And if you’re late they slap you a fine.

Guess it rained right after they painted this wall. Could see the drips. 

We are in Richmond, a Viet area near us to grab lunch. Richmond is about 15 minutes away if no traffic . If there’s traffic it can add another 15 minutes to the trip. As a few kilometres in it’s one lane only. There’s street parking on both sides and trams running down the middle . 

So if you’re unlucky and get stuck behind a tram it can take forever. 
At our favourite Pho haunt. The only place that serves Pho with hành chua (pickled sliced onion) 

Thanh Phong used to be one of our haunts. Not anymore. The service kind of dropped after they got popular. Now they are not doing quite as well. 

Hubby wanted the rice balls. They are pretty much wine in the form of balls. These are pretty well gone. I like them firmer and not as alcoholic . The soggier they are the more alcoholic they are. 

When you see people standing on the street around here you think drug first before anything else. This lady looked well dressed she might not be . But always drug first and then you pretend you didn’t see anything and you walk away real quick. 

No one stands around here and where she’s standing is neither a bus stop or a tram stop.

Dessert. Fried sesame balls . These are the Viet version . They have mungbean inside . The pastry is a bit thinner. 

The Chinese have red bean inside and the pastry is chewier and thicker.

As for dinner I’ve bought a soya chicken and some pickles . Will make (bánh canh) rice drops again tonight . I’m going to alter the recipe again and use my new rolling pin to see if I can make it thinner and the right consistency.

This time I’ll alter the tapioca to 3/4 cups. 

So it will be 1 cup of glutinous rice flour , 1.25 cup of rice flour and 0.75 cup of tapioca flour.

Let see if it will give me what I want. Last time I made it it came very close but not what I wanted.