Since I fed them take away last night I made an effort today to make a hot breakkie. 

Have made some Musubi for everyone . It’s really easy to make and if you don’t like Spam you can always substitute bacon or pan fried ham add some avocado slices or egg on top. The possibilities are endless.

I like mine plain with Spam.

All you need is some left over rice. Any type will do don’t have to be Japanese rice as long as it’s not cooked dry so it sticks when shaped . I’ve used Jasmine rice and it shaped okie.

The sauce is 1/4 cup of sugar, 1/4 cup of Kikkoman soy and 1/8 cup of brown rice vinegar. If no vinegar just substitute it with 1/4 cup of white wine. Pop it on the stove to dissolve the sugar. Once it’s boiled it’s ready.
And off you go . Shape the hot rice (warmed in the microwave) then dip the Spam in the sauce and wrap it with the seaweed.

It makes a great school lunch as well since it can be eaten cold. 

Today I need to make up for yesterday . Have caught another cold with the turn of the weather so spent yesterday in bed pretty much.

Had to really force myself out of bed to go grab groceries . So today there’s bread, milk and fruits .

Nothing for dinner though as I’m thinking steam boat for dinner. 

So will pop out to grab the seafood later. Just want some soup for dinner. Not sure if I can be bothered trying out a new recipe for Sundubu.