So our anniversary came and went. No pressies and since it was so cold he offered to go and grab me coffee. I was bawling my eyes out all morning thinking he didn’t care. 

What hurts was him asking me what should he order? I only have lattes all these years. Yet my husband of 23 years didn’t know how I have my coffee.

In the end it wasn’t the pressie . It was the little things that mattered. Like how I like my coffee. Or if I’m grumpy then don’t accuse me of being grumpy and find out why ? Am I tired? Help me cook dinner. Are the kids driving me wild? Give me a hand . Am I hungry ? Give me food. 

Love to me is seeing what the other person need and feed that need. 

We usually celebrate our anniversaries by booking a hotel and seeing a show or going out for dinner. It’s really just to spend some time together without the kids. 

Last year he booked. He didn’t do a great job as he booked a Sunday night instead of a Saturday. 

The year before that I organised a hotel as we were going out with my girl friends and their hubbies so I didn’t let on but in my handbag I had our toothbrushes and a pair of undies each so we could stay over. He never realised as I insisted we took the train so we could drink. 

May be I’m asking too much from my simple, country boy husband. 

His response to me bawling my eyes out? 

That night he revealed he’s actually booked my favourite hotel for a night next week and that it was meant as a surprise. That’s why he didn’t let on. Plus he’s also booked something else too but he’s not going to tell me.

He also pleaded please don’t cry I don’t know what to do when you cry . 

Guess I have to accept I’m never going to have a husband that will serenade me with a guitar and love songs. His way is more like serenading me with lobsters and champagne and then off to bed for some lovin’. That’s him . That’s hubby. Feed them then bed them.