Looks like another one has bite the dust.

Hubby was telling us one of his clients was found in an alleyway in Richmond. No one ends up in an alleyway in Richmond unless they are involved in drugs.

Then the whole story came out . He owed hubby money. I asked hubby why did you lend it to him? Oh I set a limit only $20 at a time. So why $40? Because that week he was going to ask our pharmacist for the other $20 but she was on holidays.

So $40 nope apparently he owes his GP $10 as well. I just had to laugh. 

This guy was a smooth talker that’s for sure. When I investigated further he owed us another $90 on account. It’s not $40 it’s $130 in all. 

Hubby painted the picture . A nice guy who’s reliable thus was allowed an account eventhough he was reeked of alcohol every time he came in to see us. 

He got to have an account as he’d pay his debt every pension day rain or shine. 

Apparently the week before he passed away he had no drugs in his system.
He’s been off his pain drugs for awhile now trying to get his act together. And then this. Either drugs got to him or he got into a fight and was left to die .

What an awful way to go. 

How do people go through life not getting their act together? He’s like in his 50s ?

Then I thought of hubby’s brother in his 50-60s and still haven’t got his act together. Still renting now shacked up with his ex to the whole family’s dismay as she’s bad news. All the money gone to gambling and drugs. Nothing left despite them both working 7 days a week raking in thousands of dollars. I’d hate to ask hubby how much his brother owe us. 

Then I thought of me. I’m near 50 and to me I still haven’t got my act together . Today I felt like a loser. May be not to the extent of the named above but still a loser.

I have no job, can’t even run a house or discipline the kids properly. The only thing I am proud of is my cooking and that only comes in spurts.