No you’re not seeing doubles . Hubby sweet talked me into making him another batch. I’m just such a sucker for anything sweet😩 He was like my wife is just so sexy and she’s such a good cook. I’ve nearly finished all of it. I wouldn’t mind some more? You know you already have all the stuff that goes with it it can’t take too long just to make the dumplings? 😩

This time I did a 1:2 ratio. It tasted much better . 

If I’m to make it again I’ll increase the potato starch even more . Hubby was quite happy with tonight’s lot. 

This was our dinner tonight. Pig’s porridge . Since I haven’t gotten around to doing groceries and it’s Good Friday here nothing much was opened. Plus we already went out to lunch.

Gave the kids three choices :

Spam ham spaghetti , pasta bake or tuna mornay aka pig’s porridge. 

They chose pig’s porridge.