Just got home. I’m in bed with a cup of hot water. Spent half of today at the business trying to catch up.

Nearly there. Popped through 214 scripts today so have earned my keep.

Feeling better only thing that’s bothering me is this stupid headache . Been popping Paracetamol all day. Will take two more before I head to bed.

Tomorrow I’ve got a few things to do. First thing first is to go to Westfield to buy cards. Was going to run the perfume over to mum but I think they are off to Sydney tomorrow to attend my dad’s half sister’s wedding.

Then I’ve got to log on to my laptop to finish off that application for my youngest to sit the entrance exam in June.

The other thing is to sort out my CPD. Did another few questions today. I need to apply and pay for a set of seminar interstate just so I can catch up. 

That’s the most urgent stuff that I should have done last week. 

The next lot can wait. Just the rental to be sorted out next so we can rent it out . I’m still waiting around for hubby to fix the place up. Don’t think hubby have gotten around to the paperwork as yet either.

Tomorrow we will go two cars to his sister’s  for dinner. Then the oldest will drive the two younger ones home . Only his friend will be following us to the beach . His daughter have latched on to her friend to go shopping on Sunday.

I’m not looking forward to it at all. Here is hoping he don’t mention Viet Nam anymore or asking hubby to go into business with him. For one we don’t have the money. For two not keen on going into business with any kind of under the table dealings. 

Tired tonight.