I love to cook and my dream kitchen would have a double sink and a double drainer. Lots of bench space and well two dishwashers and two ovens and a huge huge stove where I can have multiple pots going without them bumping into each other . 

It’s not going to happen. From my calculations I’ve got three walls of 3.6m to play with . It may seem like a lot but in reality it’s not much.
The storage area is pretty useless as it’s on the other side of the dining room. Was hoping to have floor to ceiling cupboards so that I can do away with just benches for the kitchen with open shelvings on top to take in the views of the court yard. 

Looks like I’m going to have trouble fitting it all in.

Preliminary drawings of the kitchen. I’ve purposely popped the stove right where the courtyard is so I can vent the rangehood outside. 

The fridge is popped at the end so it’s accessible to anyone wishing to grab a drink or snack and not having to go through the whole kitchen thus crowding it. 

I’ve opted for a 900mm wall oven just because I can’t have two and if I get in a 900mm stove top it leaves me with about 500mm between the stove top and wall oven as bench space. As need to leave about 300mm from stove to wall at end.

On the other bench I’ll have a double sink and drainer about 1600mm long plus another 300mm at end to take into account for the dishwasher thus leaving me with a bench top of 1700mm roughly. 

The width of the wider bench is going to be 850mm and the narrow one 650mm leaving me 1100mm walk way. 

The 850mm bench might have to be 750mm to make my walk way a bit wider as I can’t make the 650mm bench any smaller. 

Now to work out how much storage on top I need to duplicate my storage space I have at the moment.