Yes made myself go to Westfield this morning. To my dismay my usual card stockist only had envelopes . What the?

So I went to Daiso . Zilch . They didn’t stock any.

Went to Big W and all they had was these yucky shiny ones and the plain recycled ones. I was that desperate I bought all of their recycle ones . Four packs in all so 40 cards. I’ve never made any so not sure how I’ll go.

I finally hit the jack pot when I went to Target. 

$10 for 30. When I went to pay for them it came down to $6.90 for 30. Considering my last stockist sold 10 for $5 I’m in luck 😂 I usually make square cards not these long ones but they will do. I’ve still got heaps of square envelopes thus can cut them down easily to make square ones until my envelopes run out.

Then went and had lunch at Chinabar. Their Hainanese chicken is pretty good. Can’t say the same for their plates, chipped. My pet hate.

First time I saw this . What are the supermarkets trying to do? Outrank each other in the hygiene department ? 😂Rubbish on the floor their stand filthy ummmm contradiction much?

Couldn’t decide between passionfruit tart and lemon meringue. They both looked good.

Since I’ve had the passionfruit one before passionfruit tart it is. Taking this one to his sister’s. 

How cool is this ? Makes a great drink thingy for the outdoor spa. Ummmm may be I can get hubby to make one since it’s like $90 for a plank of wood and two handles 😩