We were wondering why he sent his daughter over here to study and why she didn’t start at the beginning of the school year? 

It turned out the original plans was for her to go study in the US. He has a sister living there who can keep an eye on her .

Then it all came tumbling out. His 15 years old daughter had a boyfriend who was in year 12 who was due to go to the US to study. 

His plans took a massive change. He told us he didn’t want his daughter’s life ruined. So he shipped her over here at a minute notice . It took him a month and a half to get the papers through for her to come here. I didn’t ask how much money he spent to expedite the process.

The school he’s chosen is a boarding school which means she cannot leave the school grounds without a person going into the school to sign her out. That’s why hubby and her friend is accompanying them today so they are the persons registered to take her out from the school. Otherwise she’s stuck in there for the time she’s here.

As a parent what do you do? He’s trying to get her out of the bad environment in Viet Nam. From the sound of it he hardly see her as is being a travelling businessman. 

Last night he said to us your kids are so well behaved and they still accompany you guys to dinner? His daughter was nowhere to be found. She’s already found her friend and latched on to that friend for the whole Easter weekend. 

Then he let on. She’s already spent 2K just since Easter Saturday. So 2K gone in two days. I was appalled. She’s only 15 for goodness sake. 

If you give my kids 2K they wouldn’t know what to do with it? On Saturday I left $70 for them for lunch yesterday and came back with $50 still in the kitty. They saved it for dinner just in case we didn’t get back in time. 

Hubby sisters’ asked me about him and his daughter. After they heard they said to me looks like they haven’t raised her right. Instead of spending time with her they’ve substituted their time with money . Whatever she wanted she got. And now it’s too late so they’ve shipped her off to boarding school in hope that the school will straighten her out. 

Anyhow they said to me you don’t want to bail her out as she will be a bad influence on your kids.

If I am to bet I think she’ll last two months and once she’s on the plane back to Viet Nam in June for the mid semester break she’s not coming back here. 

May be she’ll settle down and prove me wrong. Let’s hope for the best for the parents’ sakes and for her sake.