I’ve got 6 of these drawers and they are great. Their internal measurements are 780mm wide, 475mm deep and have a height of 335mm.

They are great for pots and pans , baking trays and the best for drink bottles and plastic containers.

Then I’ve got these shallow ones with height of 115mm in the pantry to store dry goods .

They are very shallow so very easy to see what I’ve got.

I also store my food wraps and foil, lunch bags in them.

I shouldn’t have any trouble replicating them in the kitchen as our present one measures pretty much the same as the kitchen I’m planning.

At the moment I have 6 large ones, an under the sink cupboard , 8 cutlery size drawers and two drawers as wide as the wall oven.

Thus keeping the same format it will be pretty much the same underneath the two kitchen bench.

It means I only have to think about the upper cupboards to mimic what I’ve got now . Two large, one small and an altar for the kitchen God.

Plus I wouldn’t mind having a bigger cupboard for my baking goods. It’s chockers. Otherwise I’m pretty happy with my storage space in the kitchen.

Now to sit down and draw it all out 😊.