Wish he’d told me earlier . Now I’m stuck . I can’t really get his friend to sleep in a sleeping bag and I’ve only got a double and a queen doona. The doona is my daughter’s the queen is for guests.

Guess off to the shops I go tomorrow. This is what happens when I have stuff at both houses . I can’t remember what I have where. 

I must have swapped doonas in haste. It should have been a single here and a queen at the other house.

The thing is if he had told me earlier I would have gone and checked what I had. Don’t really want to drive down to the hidey hole just for a doona. Too busy this week 😩 

His friend is to spend Monday night with us next week before he flies out on Tuesday morning early. Hubby is taking him to the airport.

I’m getting the mezzanine organised today so it’s done and I don’t have to worry about it.

The kids can clean up the bathroom next weekend thus it’s all nice and clean when his friend come to stay on Monday. 

Just more work haven’t had time to even touch my cards this weekend.