Took awhile but I’ve figured it out. I had to compromise somewhere . In the scheme of things I don’t use the oven that much aside from baking and pasta bakes and warming up TV dinners. 

I needed bench space more so in the end I’m back with a 600mm oven. Worse comes to worse I can make allowances for an extra oven in the pantry/storage area. 

To have more bench space in the kitchen I’ve moved one of the floor to ceiling cupboard into the pantry/storage area. The other option is to turn the open shelvings , room divider into floor to ceiling cupboard.

I’ve rejigged the kitchen drawings from the other day by placing the wall oven on the other side. Thus leaving me with a smaller but still reasonable bench space.

Then swapping the oven space to a floor to ceiling cupboard. 

That way I have accounted for one of my sets of floor to ceiling cupboard.

The other one will be popped into the storage area. It will house the non essentials like appliances and their components etc. 

Where as the one in the kitchen will house my crockery.
In the pantry I’ll have open shelvings just above the bench like now. Since I won’t have any restrictions it will be a two shelves open storage totalling roughly 3460mm of shelvings instead of 4500mm now with my bits and pieces of shelvings. Which means I’m still a metre short of shelvings. 

I’ll have to bring the shelvings around the corner like now to add 700mm to each of the shelves to solve my problem. 

The shelves will be 245mm wide and 30mm thick of hard timber and will be clear lacquered like now.