Tomorrow will be a big big day for me.

In the morning I’ll have to head off to Westfield again. I need to buy a cake. 

Then will do groceries whilst I’m there and head home to dump the groceries then to my friend’s place for lunch.

After lunch I will have to cook the kids something for dinner and then head out with hubby for dinner and a night out in the city.

He’s still very quiet about it. I can’t get anything out of him. If it was me the secret would be out by now . I’m terrible at keeping secrets 😩

I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow. It’s nice just the two of us. And it will give me a chance to wear my new dress. 

This one is just a bit long for me so I might have to hitch one side up to walk or else I’ll trip over it. 

High heels tomorrow to go with the dress. Here is hoping I don’t fall over 😂