I used to write poems most time in Viet and if it doesn’t flow I’d chuck.

Lately I’ve been writing lots of stuff but no poems. Nothing flowed. Last night I wrote one . It was fun crafting it .

Crafting it looking for rhymes. Crafting it making sure it flowed.

I did start another one but it didn’t flow. Just got half way and saved it. It’s something new for me . Might work at it. It’s fun.

This is pretty much my style , in Viet and repetition. They are usually just short ones to convey what I want. And most time about love.

biết là tội lỗi

biết là sai lầm

biết là không lối thoát

biết là không hy vọng

biết là vẫn yêu


I know it’s sinful

I know it’s wrong

I know there’s no hope

I know there’s no way out

I know I still love you

Wrote this for Aub.  It was a hopeless love.