Look at this 😍 flourless chocolate fondant.

I love feijoas . Their other name is pineapple guava . The thing is look how expensive they are ? $1.99 each ummm may be not.

The nashi pears didn’t look too good so ended up with oranges , bosc pears , mandarins and grapes.

The sun is definitely out today. Endless blue skies and it’s hot. Heading towards 26C later on . It’s now 23C.

From the East side of that tall building you get city views. 

Have since hanged out another load and will head to my friend’s house soon. She lives about 20 minutes drive from me. 
The kids are having noodles with blanched broccoli and pan fried salmon with fish dipping sauce tonight.

I will prep when I get home since I need to leave in 4 minutes to make the 1pm lunch date. It’s 1236pm now.