They’ve all gone home. It’s now 1139pm. Since they are all drunk as hubby and his cousin are accompanying his friend and daughter back to the hotel by train.

Anyhow I’m tired and still up. Another late night. One good thing only one container of meat left. Nearly all gone.

My salad spread.

My Thai patties. Forgot to take photos of my other meats. The spicy chicken ended up a treat with the extra honey. I added in a tablespoon and whola it made a huge difference. 

Have made a makeshift bed for his cousin since I don’t deem him stable enough to climb up to the mezzanine. As it’s got one of those little ladder. Ours is like the first one to the left. 

Plus him being drunk it’s quicker from here to the toilet. I do not wish to scrub my spare mattress if he has an accident on it.

The reason he is staying the night is I don’t want to be responsible if he kills someone or himself driving home drunk. 

He’s already driven over 500km to come visit us tonight . He’s been fruit picking in Mildura. A 6-7hours trip from here . 

His place in Melbourne is about a 45 minutes drive away. Still a fair way away.

Anyhow I’m off to bed if only I could sleep.