Sometimes I feel sorry for my son. It seems like he has no common sense some days.

Like today he asked his sister to get him some dumplings for lunch.

The dumplings came home in a take away container with sauce in another container.

I asked him to eat them with a bowl thinking no way is he going to finish the 12 dumplings . 

Turned around to see he has dumped the dumplings on a plate. Next he proceeded to drain the sauce into the sink.

I was like what the? Why did you do that for? Oh I don’t eat dumplings with sauce mum. 

What if you don’t finish them and someone wanted sauce? 


I wanted you to eat with a bowl thus someone can have the left overs. You could have just left them in the box.

Oh why didn’t you tell me mum?

I guess I should know better by now . He’s one of those you need to give him very detailed instructions or else he’ll just miss the plot. 

I remembered when he was younger I was sick ? So asked him to cook the rice. I told him you need to empty the old rice out. Then put the new rice in, wash the rice, measure the water and press the button. 

That night the rice cooked perfectly except for one thing. He cooked it in the dirty pot because I have forgotten to tell him to wash the pot. I just assumed.

Can’t assume with my son. Even now that he’s much taller than me and an adult he still needs detailed instructions. 

Sometimes I would over do it and he’ll say I know mum. Other times I just look at him in an exasperated way.