Hubby is testing out his Slumbies

Don’t think blue and pink suit him. He says it’s really warm . May be I’ll give dad a pair for mum. I might grab me a pair as well .

Tomorrow I’m off to the city for a shift . An Indonesian friend have asked me to go try a new Indo restaurant with her.

Have told her I need to leave by 2pm the latest. I have to weave my way back down the other end to Southern Cross station as I want to be early for my pick up. Don’t think the client left enough time to get to the clinic. Thus if I’m there early and if she’s there I can take her earlier. 

Anyhow I’m restless tonight . Here is hoping I’m less restless after the wander tomorrow . 

I need the exercise bad, feels tired all the time and no energy for anything. If I was into TV I’d be a couch potato by now but instead I’m a bed potato on WP 😂