I’m done and dusted for another week and it will start all over again on Monday.

Went into the business at 1030am to find I didn’t really have to be there til 11am. Oh well took the opportunity to catch up since I didn’t make it there early this morning .

His helper came back at 12pm to relieve me of my duties but I stayed on to just get it done.

The fridge is nearly there. I’m taking a break . Only thing left to sort out is the crisper. 

The clothes are all washed . I’m waiting for a load to finish . 

The dishes are done . Well except for the cutlery . I’ll come back to them later.

Looks like I’ve pretty much caught up. Managed to message a colleague I used to work with the other day to see if she was free in June.  Well she’s off overseas. Oh well there goes Brisbane. I might go back to Sydney for my seminar yet again. Will have to book soonish. 

Things to do today :

1/ Need to finish that application for my daughter for the selective school exam.

2/ Pay for the seminar and book flights and hotel.

3/ Reminder to book dentist.

4/ Look for my car key. Turned hubby’s car upside down yesterday and still can’t find it.

5/ Fix hubby 😂 I think I’d better fix him before he turns into a grumpy old fart 😂

6/ Remind hubby about sorting out the rental. It’s been vacant since December.

7/ Dinner? Might go out? 

8/ Make more cards ? 

9/ Nag the kids to get their chores done. 

10/ send my recipes to my lunch buddy . I offered them yesterday as she wanted to cook Bun Bo Hue.