I need to revise to guide the vision impaired. We’ve been trained for it but since I haven’t done it for so long I get rusty.

The thing I have problem with is up and down the stairs or steps. Other than that I’m okie. 

Good trick when guiding is to stop in  crowds. Once you stop everyone looks and they make way for you. It’s like why is she stopping ? Then they see the cane or the dog and they move away.

It’s frightening for the clients being guided through crowds. I make sure now I stop so people give way. 

Have to get used to having them as an extension. When I guide I have to make adjustments and leave more clear zone when walking. I tend to not worry when I walk alone. It’s getting back into habit that’s hard. You have to look out for poles and rubbish bins and walls. Also any changes in walking conditions like steps and ramps etc to warn them. 

This is a great link. It shows you how to guide a vision impaired person around. 

I go into it once in awhile to refresh. As some trams still have steps it’s a challenge for me to manoeuvre somehow so they can hold on to the rails. With the old trams the doors and steps are very narrow. 

A good way to remember is they always have control not you . You’re only their eyes . Thus when guiding your hand is always under theirs. When holding on they grab your arm and not you grabbing theirs.