I’m late today. We hopped to bed around 930pm got up 640am. Managed to dodge hubby again. 

What is it with men and sex? It’s like if I let him he’d want it every day or something. 

So I’m having coffee. Lunch was good yesterday. My lunch buddies turned up as I was half way through the meal. Not much of a catch up but there will be others.

I nearly lost my client again yesterday . The buggy was late and well they nearly wandered off. These clients they should know better and just stay put. That’s how we lose them . They keep on wandering off. 

Today this is on the agenda. Clean out my fridge. I do it every Saturday. This is so we start the week fresh.

Then I need to wash the dishes from yesterday and also their school jumpers so it’s dried by Monday for school.

After that at 11am I’ve got to go in to the business to help hubby as he’s given his shop girl time off to go look at rentals. 

I had a word with him last night. She’s getting troublesome. She thinks we need her so she’s acting up. So he’s going to sit her down and talk to her on Monday.

I’ve asked him to look for staff. We really need another. What he’s done was consolidating so any staff left he consolidated the hours on to the present staff. Problem is with good staff it’s okie with bad ones like her it’s awful.

Like yesterday she was supposed to start at 9am well 9am came and went nothing . We tried contacting her nothing. She didn’t rock up til 11am no excuse nothing.

At least have the decency to ring us saying I’m sorry I’m running late. 

She takes so many sickies citing food poisoning. I’m like what the? Every few weeks she’s off sick. Over here it’s 10 days a year entitled sickies with pay.

I don’t have a problem with people being sick . Just can’t stand ‘fake’ sickness.

If it was me she’d be gone by now 3 written warnings and that’s it. 

I can see hubby’s point of view . No need to train new ones and no need to pay work cover and whatever else for them. Less outlay for us.

I can also see we need more staff just to shuffle when need. You can’t run a business on skeleton staffing. When one is sick you’re stuffed. Like yesterday he can’t depend on me. I had volunteering . 

I just need to push him or else I’ll advertise for staff myself . After all I’m the other name on the business. I rarely step in unless I see the need to. And it looks like I need to. I hate interfering but hubby can be stubborn some days.