I received quite a few yesterday. I was doing my best to impress a client since she let on that she’s just moved to the area. It’s a potential regular customer for us. 

Regular customers are our bread and butter. We look after ours as there’s plenty of pharmacies around why would they stick  around? They only stick if they see you care about their well being since money is not an issue around here.

As for customers that are not faithful and buy where is the cheapest we don’t want them. We can’t afford to price match the discount ones as we’d be making a loss every sale. We can’t buy in for the same amount as they are selling. 

She was very thankful for the counselling and I’m glad I spent the time. We try to spend time with all of our clients as then they do better on their medications and if they run into trouble they’d tell you. 

Anyhow I was packing up her stuff when she told me her mum make cards and that she loved our cards as they are so different. 

I told her they are mine but I’ve been so busy I don’t have time. She complimented me saying how talented I was . 

Then at lunch one of my lunch buddies told me I’m a kind person to volunteer and that not many people do it even when they have the time . 

Told her I’ve got time to waste and well if not for volunteering I’d be bored stiff. Plus it’s really good fun I think I receive more than give when I volunteer . I’m the fortunate one. 

I’m not very good with compliments I get all embarrassed . It’s nice to see people like my cards. It makes me want to sit down and make more.