My owl card

More lovey dovey.

Dinner all in ready to roll. My one pot wonder. Roast meats (1/2 a duck , 500g roast pork) 1 box of tofu (fried), 2 packets of pickled mustard and 2 chilli. 

A bit of water, soy sauce and sugar and simmer until the meats are tender.

I think it’s nearly done . It’s been cooking for about 45 minutes. 

It’s only 315pm not sure if I want to go wandering . Feeling cold and lazy. 

This morning got a text from my walkies buddy . He’s back in the country. Looking forward to catching up with him. 

Then after lunch walking back to the car we bumped into my friend and her family.  They only flew in this morning from Japan.

Was hoping to catch up with her . Didn’t even realise she’s been overseas. I’m terrible at catching up with people . Not too organised. 

Anyhow may be I’ll just hop to bed. Seems like such an awful waste of an afternoon. Oh well what’s one afternoon when I have lots of those to spare.