I find it strange that people have goals. Yes I know to be successful you need goals and to work towards those goals.

Me? I’ve never had any goals no 5 years goals or 10 years goals. I’ve always muddled through.

My muddling was mostly needs:

1/ university -to have an enducation 

2/ house-was getting married so we bought one to live in

3/ marriage-well I have always wanted to get married and have a family .

4/ business-hubby wanted to have one so we did

5/ kids- they just came along 

6/ moved- due to kids so we moved to be midpoint to both sides and work.

7/ business-bought our business together . We got out of an ugly partnership 

8/ work- I went back to work as I didn’t want to lose my knowledge and to keep a foot in the door

9/ freehold-we took out a massive mortgage to buy to protect our business. The lease was running out at the old place and the new owners wanted to charge us 80K a year instead of 13K a year that we were paying. 

10/ moved-we were too busy to be going back and fro and plus no public school near by for the kids

11/ hidey hole- when we sold the house we had enough to renovate the apartment and buy the hidey hole. We thought it was important to have some family time together as the kids were growing older.

12/ work- I went back to work as I was getting bored and also had the hidey hole for some time away

13/ rental-the housing market was getting very expensive so we sat down borrowed to the maximum to buy it. It’s so when the kids are ready to buy the rental will be sold to give them a head start.

14/ staying at home- hubby needed help and my legs were playing up. And well our relationship haven’t been too great and it needs fixing . Me staying at home kind of helped.

15/ no idea just have to wait and see.