1/ Dentist booked

2/ Vascular surgeon booked

3/ Have given my girl my email address and the password for her application. I’m wiping my hands off the application.

If she wants to sit for the exam we will pay for it but she can sort out the application herself. 

I’ve nagged and nagged for information and well to no avail. 

Not my problem anymore.

Have done good today. Talk about procrastinating. 

I need to still book airport parking. I’ll do it tomorrow. 

Have soaked my dishes to wash. Up to my second load of clothes as it’s towel day. 

Work is in order

Cards are in order

Only CPD to worry about now. The seminar will earn me 36.5 points. I only need 40 for this year.

Will do more than required . I always do just in case they audit. 

It’s a load off my mind registering . It’s a three full days with lots of reading materials . It’s a good revision as it covers most diseases and treatments.

Next bit the apartment. I’m going to hold off the planning for now. I want to focus on projects for the apartment.  

That way it gives me something to work towards. I want to spruce it up a bit. And it will have an end point. 

Another thing I’ve neglected is my brains . I’ll have to look at courses available for next term. I want to study something fun. Still haven’t gotten around to doing that sausage making course. I might drag dad along.