Logged into Expedia to check out their prices . To my surprise 4 nights at the hotel I want and also flights roughly the time frame that I needed was $1091.05.

That’s hotel and airfare. Considering the cheapest airfares was $99 one way I’m getting the hotel I want and airfares included . Which works out to be $900 for 4 nights. Roughly $225 a night. I think I’m happy with that.

Booking separately would have meant $99 by two and $1031 on top for hotel. Thus I’ve saved $138 .

If I had booked the other hotel $700 for 4 nights I’ve only saved $200.

Since my seminar was an early bird special I’ve already saved 20% on it ie $204 so in all it all worked out in the end .

I ended up with a hotel I want by booking early.

Yippee Doo . I guess it pays to be organised.